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Below you'll find some quick ways to start your Dance, including why I started the podcast, a few of my favorite shows, and a link to download five things I learned from my guests about end-of-life, plus the one I can't live without.

Why this podcast & blog?

I'd like you to meet three people that are dear to me. From left to right: my brother John, who died from AIDS in 1992; my grandpop, who passed from old age in 1983, and my dear mom, who is still living at age 94.

When death comes close, it changes your persective on life. You start asking yourself questions like: Am I fully alive? How would I live if I knew I only had six months left? What changes would I make? Would I travel? Would I spend all my savings, or give them away? What fears prevent me from living my dream now?

Our circumstances can change in an now is the time to start living. Some of the subjects covered in this podcast and blog will challenge you, even scare you, but as it's been said: 

If your dream doesn't scare you, then it's too small.

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Do you have a moment?

In fact, a moment is all you have. Neither the past or the future exist ~ NOW is the only reality. So let's make the most of it.

The following video goes a little deeper into why I started the podcast. You'll notice it concludes with the original name of the podcast, which I changed in 2017 to Dance Past Sunset so I could focus as much on life as I did on death. The Dance remains!