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What’s the best predictor of your child’s emotional well-being? It’s not great schools, hugs, or Pixar movies. Researchers at Emory University found that whether a kid knew their family history was the number one indicator. Raja Badr-el-Din and Mark Valentine of Ramblin’ Stories, both 23 years old, intuitively knew that. They sensed that without the stories of elder seniors, their lives would be somehow less rich, and their struggle would be greater. That’s when they cooked up a scheme. They fixed up a 1973 Chevy milk truck and took to the road, recording the stories of whatever elder showed up. Along the way they learned one of the great truths of life, plus how to get a cheap hot shower on the road.

Their adventure reminds me of something I would have done at their age…and would still do! Oh, that plus Ken Kesey’s magic bus ride of 1964, an event that touched a match to the powder keg of the 60’s.

Rock on guys! Be the change…

What you will learn from Raja Badr-el-Din and Mark Valentine:

  • About our connection through Aging2.0, an organization supporting innovators taking on the biggest challenges and opportunities in aging.
  • The loss they felt not knowing their family stories
  • Young people want to know the stories of their elders, but are not sure how to start the conversation.
  • Talking with older people resonates with younger people
  • The biggest thing we can do as a species is listen to each other
  • How talking with seniors gives them perspective
  • Their goal is to foster intergenerational communities by promoting a culture of storytelling around older adults
  • 1973 milk truck is an elder magnet
  • The trick they use for showering on the road
  • The math for determine what’s “old”
  • Smuggling cheese during the war
  • One of the secrets of life: people who did what they loved stayed young and full of life
  • How they are learning to avoid the big black hole
  • John Prine’s “Hello In There”
  • The single greatest factor for a child’s happiness
  • Zig Ziglar’s lesson about vocal nuance
  • What survivors valued from 9/11

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