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Below you will find recently produced DPS podcasts, Senior Moments, and other resources I am confident you’ll find useful as you navigate your journey through the sunset years. It’s all there for free. If you do find it useful, and you want to help keep Dance Past Sunset going, please consider supporting the show, which you can do in a variety of ways, with my thanks!

Recently I’ve also started adding very short videos I call “Senior Moments,” which typically cover technologies I’ve found useful for independent living and travel. But for the most up-to-date information, you will want to follow my DPS Facebook page. That’s where I share articles, tips, ideas and perspectives I think might be useful.

The heart and soul of Dance Past Sunset (DPS) is my flagship podcast, and I also offer an overview of that below. It’s got quite a history, but then…so do we all!

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Podcast Overview

I started interviewing guests in 2014 and post a new show every few weeks, so there are quite a few to sort through. Let me help you!

The first 38 episodes focus on end-of-life issues. Back I called the show the “Dance to Death Afterlife Podcast.” The goal of those shows was to learn how to better accept death, plan for a beautiful one, take a peek into the afterlife, and most importantly, accept every moment on the green side as a wonderful gift to savor and cherish.

You can learn more about those early shows on my Planning page, not the least of which is how important it is to have a plan. You will also benefit from my free document Five Lessons I Learned About Death (plus the one I can’t live without), which is chock full of good information gleaned from nearly 40 interviews with outstanding guests, all of whom were experts in their fields.

But my goal is, and always will be, to help people, and my audience suggested I would be even more helpful if I expanded my scope to include our so-called sunset years…that beautiful stretch of life’s journey when we might have some snow on the roof but not in our souls. We still want to have peak experiencesto travel…to live…with vigor and independence. We want to dance into the night and keep dancing right on past sunset…opening ourselves up to whatever may come.

So, starting with episode #39, I focused on the tools, tips and technologies that help boomers and their aging parents live and travel independently. Those shows have the new look and a new name you see here…Dance Past Sunset. Here is where I also add short videos called “Senior Moments” that focus on helpful technologies.

However you choose to engage the resources you find here, remember to just keep on dancing!


Check out any of these useful resources and sign up for my occasional newsletter, which I send out whenever I produce a new show, and so that I can relay good deals I find. Also be sure to sign up for the DPS Facebook page, because that's where I share a lot of useful reviews and articles I find related to independent travel and living.

Since starting the show in 2014, I’ve had the most amazing guests talk with me about best practices for enjoying peak experiences, travel, end-of-life planning, and even the afterlife. Now I want to share five of the most important of those lessons with you. Click the button to get FREE copy!

Some of my early guests were PhDs and MDs, and others were artists and philosophers, but in every instance they were wise people, and I learned more than a few a profound truths about end-of-life from them. Now I want to share five of the most important of those lessons with you, plus the one I can’t live without.

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