Caregiving: How Death Prepared Me

It was a two year death meditation of sorts. Nowadays, when the subject comes up, mom and I talk about it, naturally, covering the dark and the light of death, and the in-between. But at least we talk about it, and I know exactly how she feels and what she wants. There is clarity. That’s a good thing.

Drinking from the MemoryWell with Jay Newton-Small

Show Overview Each of us has a story to tell…a most important story, that is, the story of our lives. But as we age, and especially if our fate includes a disability like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, then that story can easily get lost or jumbled. That’s where a...

How AI Helps Elders Combat Loneliness

If I were to wake up and find one of these damn things looking at me, I would totally freak, pee in my Depends, and burn rubber on my wheelchair trying to escape before it transferred its evil soul to my body. I suspect Elon Musk would agree.

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