Look between the cold pillars of concrete holding up the earth and you'll find me flowering there

About Brant


A nomadic upbringing whisked me through 13 schools in nine years, from the dusty deserts of Arizona to the snowy villages of Germany, with back road trips through 23 countries around Europe and the Mediterranean. Somewhere along the way I learned to play guitar and spent a few years swinging from a trapeze in a pair of purple pants, dodging pyrotechnics with a Fender Stratocaster in one hand and a bottle of cheap wine in the other.

After nearly dying from the Rock & Roll lifestyle, I came to Jesus, earned an engineering degree in the US, spent 17 years with IBM, got married, had three kids, and settled down. 

Well hell. That didn’t last.

Not being one for routine or life in a cubicle, in 2000 I left the corporate world to became an entrepreneur, which means I fail often, win sometimes, meet a lot of amazing people, and am having a grand time steering my cosmic riverboat upriver. I’m glad YOU came onboard for a spell! 

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My suspense / thriller novel:

Map of Dreams

When a PhD student uses advanced software to analyze dream journals, he discovers odd patterns that cannot be explained. Where one person’s dream ends, another’s begins, even though the two people are complete strangers. Strange objects appear and reappear from one dreamer to another…

Free Stuff

5 Favorite Tips for Independent Travel & Living

Since starting the show in 2014, I’ve had the most amazing guests talk with me about best practices for enjoying peak experiences, travel, end-of-life planning, and even the afterlife. Now I want to share five of the most important of those lessons with you. 

5 Lessons Learned from Interviewing 40 experts on Death.

Some of my early guests were PhDs and MDs, and others were artists and philosophers, but in every instance they were wise people, and I learned more than a few a profound truths about end-of-life from them. Now I want to share five of the most important of those lessons with you, plus the one I can’t live without.

3 Inspirational Songs to Empower your Day

Gently wake to powerful, motivational readings accompanied by a delightful medley of birdsong, wind chimes, a melodic country creek, and beautiful uplifting music. I personally selected each reading for its power to inspire, transform, renew, and empower your day.

$25 Off a way to Preserve Family Stories

StoryBox is a do-it-yourself way to preserve stories about old paper photographs, producing a video you can share and keep forever. We need your advice on how to design the product perfectly for your needs! Build your family’s legacy and personal history in a few easy steps, with StoryBox.

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