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$6.7 billion. That’s a LOT of dough…enough to give our hardworking teachers and police officers a nice raise. But according to a 2017 study by AARP and Stanford University, that’s how much MORE we spend on Medicare for one reason — old folks are lonely, and chronic loneliness deteriorates physical health. In fact, AARP estimates that loneliness and social isolation has the equivalent negative health effect as smoking 15 cigarettes a day. Yuk!

Easy to solve? Not so easy. Most of us are working long hours just to keep ahead of the bills, and we are often physically located far from our elder loved ones, making it hard to just drop in for a cup of tea and a visit. Then there are the soccer games, school plays, etc etc. If you are part of the sandwich generation, then you understand.

But there is a way, and this video shows you how to take advantage of a two-way video feature built into Amazon’s Echo devices. It’s amazing how effective a quick video call with an elder loved one can lift their spirits, and since 95% of communication is non-verbal, you get to literally see how they are doing. That’s almost as good as being there.

What else do you get to see in this video? Well, me stepping out of the shower, for one thing. But don’t be bashful! I’m not. Take a look at the video, and learn how to stay connected with a senior loved one using the drop-in feature on Amazon’s Echo appliances.


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