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HI! My name is Brant Huddleston…creator of Dance Past Sunset…a resource for boogalooing into your sunset years with dignity, comfort and safety, either at home, at a care facility, or out there in the wild exploring the wonders of this world. I search out the best tools, tips, and technologies that help people of a certain age live and travel independently…enjoying peak experiences as they do. Often practical, sometimes thoughtful, always upbeat and lively…it’s all here for your blessing and enjoyment. Thanks for dropping by!elder aging senior old living assisted living travel technology mobility hospice nursing home independent travel peak age-in-place die death dying funeral cemetery end-of-life


Indy Travel

Go!MobileTours is the world’s largest online store of self-guided tours that run on popular mobile devices like your smartphone. Designed for folks who live independently and want to travel the same way!

The Blog

Brant’s personal blog features short stories and essays on if and how we will be remembered, why men struggle, our wonderings about what lies beyond death, and other “mad musings.”

The Videos

The brand new Youtube channel features short, upbeat tutorials (called “Senior Moments”) on ways technology helps people maintain independent, high quality lives.

The Podcast

Brant’s seasoned podcast features an eclectic group of guests, from artists to authors, from witches to wanderers, ruminating on the journey from life to the afterlife, on aging with dignity, and best practices for how to keep on rockin’ (and not in a chair either).


Drinking from the MemoryWell with Jay Newton-Small

Show Overview Each of us has a story to tell…a most important story, that is, the story of our lives. But as we age, and especially if our fate includes a disability like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia, then that story can easily get lost or jumbled. That’s where a...

How AI Helps Elders Combat Loneliness

If I were to wake up and find one of these damn things looking at me, I would totally freak, pee in my Depends, and burn rubber on my wheelchair trying to escape before it transferred its evil soul to my body. I suspect Elon Musk would agree.


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Since starting the show in 2014, I’ve had the most amazing guests talk with me about best practices for enjoying peak experiences, travel, end-of-life planning, and even the afterlife. Now I want to share five of the most important of those lessons with you. Click the button to get FREE copy!

Some of my early guests were PhDs and MDs, and others were artists and philosophers, but in every instance they were wise people, and I learned more than a few a profound truths about end-of-life from them. Now I want to share five of the most important of those lessons with you, plus the one I can’t live without.

Gently wake to powerful, motivational readings accompanied by a delightful medley of birdsong, wind chimes, a melodic country creek, and beautiful uplifting music. I personally selected each reading for its power to inspire, transform, renew, and empower your day.

StoryBox is a do-it-yourself way to preserve stories about old paper photographs, producing a video you can share and keep forever. We need your advice on how to design the product perfectly for your needs! Build your family’s legacy and personal history in a few easy steps, with StoryBox.

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